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Welcome to Custer County Colorado

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Manuel (Manny) Fernandez
April 22 1959 - May 18 2021
Manuel Fernandez
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Custer County - Westcliffe / Silver Cliff

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Custer County Colorado; a Magestically Beautiful Experience
Whether you call It Home or Come For a Visit!
This is Where You Play, Explore or simply sit down, grab a cup of coffee and Tune in to the important details in Life

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Westcliffe - Silver Cliff Co

Rushing mountain creeks
Forested mountain sides
Mountain meadows
Pure, refreshing air
Wildlife preserve

At www.Westcliffe-Colorado.com our mission is to support the sustainability of the growing community, by supplying comprehensive internet information about the community including Real Estate listings for sale, vacation rentals, and area business, restaurants, products and services. Email for info to purchase this website.

Wet Mountain Valley

Westcliffe Custer County, Everything you need to know about Westcliffe Colorado and Silver Cliff its adjoining neighbor, and all of Custer County merchants, real estate, tourist activities, restaurant guide and more. Custer County situated in the Wet Mountain Valley.


This quaint rural setting known as Westcliffe is a place where you can slip under the radar to spend long summer days enjoying the high meadow mountain weather while visiting with the company of the many friendly residents.

Spring Flowers Wet Mountain Valley

The town of Westcliffe Colorado is adjacent to the historic mining town of Silver Cliff Colorado.
Sangre de Cristo Sunset

Come visit Westcliffe and Silver Cliff and enjoy the adventure throughout all of Custer County, where you will truly find a sanctuary here to a small population of friendly faces and radiant smiles.

Wet Mountain Valley

Valley Floor

Historic Beckwith Ranch



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Coldwell Banker Westcliffe

Palmer Builders
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Coldwell Banker Westcliffe

Bliss Handy Women

Got It Covered Home Repair
Peaks Gym and Spa

Important Phone Numbers and links
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Custer County Helping hands

Custer County Public Bus Transit
783 2343
783 9464
911 for emergencies

Sheriff's Office

719 783-2270
Custer County Sheriff
Report Crime Anonymously
719 783-2874
Custer County Medical Clinic
8:30 am - 5 pm
9:00 am-12:00 pm
719 783-2380
After hours care
Emergency 911
Custer County Public Transit Service available Mon, Wed, and Fridays for everyone
783 2343
211 for local business information and referral service for help with food, housing and other human resources
C- 1 School District
CERT community emergency response team
719 783-2410
Forest Service 719 783-2079
Westcliffe Post Office
719 783-2453
Hillside Post Office
719 783-0800
Wetmore Post Office
719 783-3205
VALI Assisted Living
719 783-4401
Custer County Library
719 783-9138
Custer County Landfill
719 783-2726 Tues-Fri
Custer County Government  
Assessor 719 783 2218
Cartography 719 783-2218
Commissioners 783-2552
Clerk and Recorder 783 -2441
County Extension Agent 719 783-2514
District Court 719 783-2274
Economic Development 719 783-2514
Emergency Mgmt 719 783-4121
Extension Office 719 783-2514
Hanssen Haus Community Resources 719 783-9470
Dept of Health 719 846-2213
Human Services 719783-2371
Info and Technology 719 783-2226
Judge 719 783-2274
Landfill 719 783-2726
Planning and Zoning 719 783-2669
Public Trustee 719 783 - 2341
Road and Bridge 719 783-2281
Social Services 719 783-2371
Treasurer 719 783-2341
Veteran Services
719 783-9470
Town of Westcliffe
719 783-2282
Town of Silver Cliff
719 783-2615
Airports to access Westcliffe, Silver Cliff
and Custer County

Silver West
Colorado Springs

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Westcliffe - Silver Cliff 

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